About Us

Who We Are

We are a fellowship of people who love each other and have a desire to see each grow as a disciple of Christ through the ministry of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

How We Get There

We follow Christ by fulfilling His commission to make disciples. We must not only be Christian in character quality, but we must also follow Christ’s ministry method. Jesus focused His earthly ministry on sharing His life with a small group of followers. He then instructed His disciples to reproduce spiritually.

At Mountain View, this process involves providing biblical teaching, experiences of worship, and opportunities for ministry and fellowship, all in a variety of settings. We encourage participation in the large celebration of our worship service where people can receive exhortation and experience unity. Our Adult Bible Fellowships provide the best environment to build a sense of identity and to experience fellowship. Additionally, our ABF’s and other small groups create an atmosphere conducive to cultivating intimacy among the participants and fostering the accountability needed for personal maturation.

We distinguish between attracting attenders and making disciples. We view our programs and preaching not as ends in themselves, or as a way to draw spectators, but as the means of equipping our members for the ministry of multiplication. While we desire to grow in breadth as well as in depth, we believe that the priority must be placed on quality and not on quantity. Numerical growth will be a natural result of the progress of our people in spiritual maturity as they respond to their training and reach out to friends.

We follow Christ’s example by upholding the authority of the Bible. Our priorities and practices are based upon the Word of God. Because we do not seek our own will, but that of the Head of our church, Jesus Christ, we measure every choice we make by scriptural principles. Our philosophy or approach is not even slightly affected by what is politically correct, only by what is true.

We believe that when the above is operative in a fellowship of believers there will be the “green house effect” of love and unity which is most conducive to making disciples in a church body.

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